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For those that want a more personalised package, the Personal Chef option is best for you. Including a one-to-one with a trained nutritionist, all elements of your lifestyle will be taken in to account to produce a fully tailored meal plan to achieve your goals, bearing in mind any allergies, likes or dislikes. In addition, we can provide work with a personal trainer alongside your healthy eating plan.

The benefit of Crave Healthy Food is that we will personalise it for you! You will get:

  • A free one-two-one assessment with one of our Nutritionists
  • Continuous coaching
  • A personalised Meal Plan
  • Meals delivered five days a week
  • Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free options available.

Perfect for:

  • Fighting weight gain and low energy
  • Improving your immune system and skin..

The CRAVE team believes that every healthy program should start with a goal. By making an initial assessment, we will be able to recommend the right program for you. This will include a mix of Healthy food and Physical activities.

We deliver directly to your door (home or office) two meals a day and accommodate all fitness and coaching activities to your schedule!

How it works ?

  • Crave Healthy Food is based on a unique combination of Nutrition - Fitness - Coaching.
  • Each program is unique, tailored for you and delivered to your door (home or office). 

Nutrition: Each product is made to maximise energy, with a focus on protein and fibre-rich ingredients whilst avoiding unhealthy fats and processed foods. Most of our meals are Vegan but more importantly, they incorporate what you like to eat and minimise what you don't like. We deliver two, three or five meals a day, depending on your choice.

We recommend that you have five meals a day: Breakfast - mid morning snack - Lunch - mid afternoon snack - Dinner.


Coaching: Eat clean not as a choice but with a goal. Our nutritionists are here to help and advise you. Your body is full of bad toxins and bacterias accumulated over the years. We ensure that our food includes good bacteria that will make your internal organs function better.

You will get four sessions a month with one of our Nutritionists.

Our coaching is designed to sustain the Healthy life you have enjoyed both during and after the program ends. We will also gradually re-introduce some of the food you don't like but which is good for you, presented in a different way. 


Starting from an initial Nutritional and Physical assessment, we work together on a mutual plan to achieve your personal goal. You may want to lose weight, feel more energetic, improve your skin, your focus or maybe even your immune system. Our programs are designed for a minimum one month up to three months. 


Our commitment is to reach your personal goal. If we fail, you will get your money back!

You can purchase a program or any of our healthy meals and snacks online.


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