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Nutrition- Fitness - Coaching

The beautiful thing is that whatever you choose a 1-month Nutrition plan only or a full Nutrition - Fitness - Coaching programme, we will personalise it for you! You will get:

  • A free one2one assessment with one of our Nutritionist
  • Continuous coaching.
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Delivered 5 days a week
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free options available

Perfect to:

  • Fight weight gain, low energy..
  • Improve you immune system, skin..

We believe that every healthy programme should start with a goal. By making an initial assessment, we will be able to recommend the right program for you. It will be a mix of Healthy food and Physical activities.

We deliver to your door (home or office) 2 meals a day and accommodate all fitness and coaching activities to your schedule !


How it works ?

  • Crave Healthy Food is based on a unique combination of Nutrition - Fitness - Coaching.
  • Each program is unique, tailored for you and delivered to your door (home or office). 

Nutrition: Each products is made to maximise the Energy, intake of Proteins and Fibres without un healthy fat and processed Food. Most of our meals are Vegan but more importantly, they incorporate what you like to eat and minimise what you don't like to eat. We deliver 2,3 5 meals a day, depending on your choice but we will make recommendation on the 5 meals if you do not choose all 5.

We recommend you to have 5 meals a day: Breakfast- mid morning snack - Lunch - mid afternoon snacks - Dinner  

Fitness & Yoga: Based on your goal you will have 1 to 2 sessions a week and will include a variety of exercise from HIT, Cardio, Yoga  designed by professional coaches to reach your Goal.

Coaching: Eat clean not as a Choice but with a goal. Our nutritionist are here to help/advise you. Our body is full of bad toxins and bacterias accumulated over the years. We make sure that our food includes good bacterias that will make your internal organs function better. Have we not all tried 52 diets a year and join a gym ? you will get 4 sessions a month with one of our Nutritionist.

Our coaching is made to sustain after the program the Healthy life you have enjoyed. We will also gradually re-introduce some of the food you don't like but which is good for you, presented on a different way. 

Starting from an initial assessment, both Nutritional and Physical, we work together on achieving a Goal, your Goal. You may want to lose wait, feel more energetic, improve your skin, your focus, your immune system..Choices are large !!. Programs are designed for one month minimum commitment and up to 3 months. 

Our commitment is to reach the Goal we decide together.

Do something for you today !

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