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Smart Meals

Made for busy and active People, we aimed at designing nutritionally. You just have to add water, mix them to have a Perfect SmartMeal

Choosing to regularly skip meals for lack of time, we envisioned SmartMeal:
a healthy and convenient alternative that provides 100% of the nutritional needs.

A new form of healthy and practical food, that simplifies your life ! SmartMeal. smart-foods are VEGAN, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free, without nuts, and manufactured in France. You have the choice of nutrition bars, drinks or shaker mixes.

Developed by doctors, nutritionists and food engineers, SmartMeal. is not a diet or weight loss product, it is a full balanced meal which meets 100% of the daily nutritional needs recommended to today's consumer (carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, etc.).

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