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We created delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls. 

Great option to start the day, packed with nutriments, superfood, vitamins, proteins, fibres and low in carbs, they will give you the energy you need until lunch time!  They are also rich in antioxydants.

After a weekend (or a couple weeks) of indulging, break out the blender to clean up your cravings and reboot your digestive system with a delicious smoothie. Watch out, because this Crave Hand made and slow processed Smoothies will get you moving fast.

They’re overflowing with vitamins and minerals, benefit every single cell in your body, scare off diseases from even thinking about infecting you, can make you look younger, and are super low-calorie.

But we can only eat so many salads and sautéed greens, and homemade kale chips can be hard to perfect.

With over 7g of Proteins and 9g of fibers, our secret is to use baby greens, which have all the nutrients of their adult counterparts but with milder textures and flavors. Since they also pulverize exceptionally well, these recipes work with any combination of baby greens, so try them!


You’ll get a half to one full serving of veggies in each smoothie—without even tasting them!


Choose one of our smoothies or any other filling you fancy!

Only made with 100% organics fruits and veggies and a selection of amazing seeds.

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