A small step for a better world | Crave Healthy Food

A small step for a better world

In January 2019, we launched the “Opt-Out” plastic feature for our clients on a 1-month Nutrition plan. We offer now deliveries in 5 of our largest cities plastic free ! Within almost one year, we were able to save more than 3 thousands sets of plastic boxes, and continue to prioritise this initiative - rewarding consumers who ‘Opt Out’ with exclusive vouchers and deals. Plastic reduction is core to our business, and we also offer limited edition cutlery sets, reusable straws, and recycle boxes.

We are currently working with industry leaders like NEA to get a better understanding on methods of bio-degradable packaging and how we can possibly implement them in our services.

In January 2020, Crave Healthy Food will be free of Plastic and will only use packaging that can we can recycle offering Bamboo boxes for meals.

A small step for a better world !

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