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The ever increasing Crave Healthy food clients can now enjoy bootcamps organised in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Paris and New york so far.

If you are living or travelling to one of this cities, contact us and join a growing community of Healthy living enthusiasts.

If you are not part of our Nutrition -Fitness - Coaching programs, you can 

We provide:

  • Equipments
  • Free snacks, pre and post homemade workout juices
  • Free nutritionist tips and consultation
  • 3 sessions a week
  • certified coaches
  • personal approach
  • Sports massage!
  • group fun

And yes we will make you sweat, increase your cardio and resistance, lower your BMI and make you feel great

We guarantee you fun, excitement, improvement, a network of new healthy friends across the world. First session is free

Our sessions include 5-12 participants max so we can concentrate on each of you.

There is at least 3 sessions a week with:

  • A minimum of 5 participants
  • different locations available

After your order will we will send you a planning and locations, you can also request is by contacting us.

We believe that although a healthy lifestyle is 85% Nutrition and 25% Fitness, associating the two maximise your health and wellbeing. 

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