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Your weekly smoothies

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Smoothies delivered in mason jars for your week!

Great option to start the day, packed with nutriments, superfood, vitamins, proteins, fibres and low in carbs, they will give you the energy you need until lunch time!

Only made with 100% organics fruits and veggies and a selection of amazing seeds.

All you need is a blender and your favourite non diary milk (almond, coconut..)

Options are available:

  • Beginner: Ready to go, we blend it for you, select Prepared, we deliver them in glass jars
  • Intermediate: We do the mix for each day and you blend it, select DIY, we deliver them in glass jars
  • Expert: You want to prepare them yourself, we will only supply the ingredients

You don't have to buy and clean numerous veggies, fruits, grains, seeds and bags of superfood, we will do it for you!

Options available for 6,7 days or more contact us.

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